List of Early Female Consignments:

5 F1 Braford Chocolate Open Heifers
4 Beefmaster Cross medium Bred Heifers
5 Brahman Cross medium bred Heifers
15 Brangus Heavy Bred Heifers
4 F1 Brangus Heavy Bred Heifers and pairs
5 Santa Gertrudis Heifer Pairs
40 Brangus 5- 8 yr. old cows breds and pairs
5 Charbray Heifers bred 6-8 LBW Angus bulls
9 Brindle and Chocolate Heifers bred 6-8 mos. to LBW Angus Bulls
5 Brangus heavy Bred Heifers and Pairs 10 Brangus Open Heifers
10 Braford Open Heifers
10 Crossbred Heavy Bred Cows
20 F1 Braford and Brahman Open Heifers
10 Beefmaster Cross 2nd and 3rd calf Pairs
18 Brahman heavy bred heifers and pairs bred to Hereford and Brahman bulls
20 Braford and Brahman cross 2nd and 3rd calf heavy bred cows and pairs to Hereford Bulls
20 F1 Braford and F1 Brangus Open Heifers
10 Black Baldy Heifer pairs
10 Red Mot and Braford Heifer Pairs
30 Brangus Heifer pairs
40 Br-angus medium to heavy bred, cows with some pairs
100 Braford and 3/4 blood Heifers mediaum to heavy bred to LBW Angus Bulls
40 F1 Brangus bred heifer
5 Brangus Open Heifers
1 Jersey Pair
25 Home Raised Brahman Heifers bred 5-7 mos. to Bill Breeding Hereford Bulls

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**46th Annual Cattlemen's Bull and Female Sale**

One of the Oldest All-Breed, Consignment Bull Sales in the Industry

Sale Date: January 20, 2024 | 12 Noon

List of Early Bull Consignments:

26  Registered Simmental/Angus Bulls by Nieveen Farms
10 Registered Charolais Bulls by Texas Hill Country Charolais
5  Registered Hereford Bulls by B & C Cattle Co.
8  Registered Charolais Bulls by West Charolais
6  Registered Charolais and Char/Red Angus Bulls by Bayvue Farms
3 Registered Charolais Bulls by David Bonacl<er
3  Registered Charolais Bulls by Bella Angel Farms

2 Brangus and Charolais Bulls by BL Ranches

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