El Campo Livestock Auction, Inc

Serving The Needs of The South Texas Rancher Since 1939

Map to Ganado

Map to Damon

We can help with your Transportation Needs...

For our sellers:
For our clients’ convenience we provide several off site Receiving Pens.
This is a transport service we provide to enable you to get your livestock to auction. We have facilities in Jackson county and Brazoria county.

Receiving Pen in
Ganado, Texas Call...
Karl Reckaway - 361-771-5850
Google Map Link to Ganado, Texas

Receiving Pen in
Damon, Texas Call... Justin Kalinowski - 979-482-3237

Two long time El Campo Livestock customers.

For Our Buyers:

For our buyers we provide on site holding pens for your livestock purchases. Our service will provide an overnight stay or several nights if needed with feed and water for a nominal fee. If transportation of livestock is necessary arrangement can be made with several contract fleet services that we will recommend.