El Campo Livestock Exchange, LLC

Serving The Needs of The South Texas Rancher Since 1939

We can help with your Transportation Needs...

Map to Damon

Map to Ganado

Two long time El Campo Livestock customers.

For Our Buyers:

For our buyers we provide on site holding pens for your livestock purchases. Our service will provide an overnight stay or several nights if needed with feed and water for a nominal fee. If transportation of livestock is necessary arrangement can be made with several contract fleet services that we will recommend.

For our sellers:
For our clients’ convenience we provide several off site Receiving Pens.
This is a transport service we provide to enable you to get your livestock to auction. We have facilities in Jackson county and Brazoria county.

Receiving Pen in
Ganado, Texas Call...
Karl Reckaway - 361-771-5850
Google Map Link to Ganado, Texas

Receiving Pen in
Damon, Texas Call... Justin Kalinowski - 979-482-3237